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Fall In Love With Hailey Bieber’s Tattoos And Copy Her Look

Hailey Bieber's Tattoos: fine line micro bow tattoo

If you have been using social media for the last five or so years you will be aware of the growing demand for mini tattoos. Yet these are not any old small ink, they are ultra-feminine, aesthetic tiny tattoos. The reason for this fine-line trend is clear: Hailey Bieber’s tattoos. Not only is Bieber a stunning and successful supermodel, but she has also sparked a trend for microscopic ink. One look at her 30-something-strong collection of tiny tats and you will fall in love with their subtle sophistication. If you are tempted to try this trend for yourself, why not opt for a temporary transfer tattoo first? This way you can mix n’ match designs without the fear of commitment. Not to mention the pain. 

A Brief History of Hailey Bieber’s Tattoos

Bieber’s first ever tattoo dates back to early 2015 when, as a teenager, decided to ink her parent’s wedding anniversary onto her body in Roman numerals. The tattoo artist in question was JonBoy, who later became her tattoo artist of choice. Many small designs followed with some designs standing out more than others. Her collection of faith tattoos is extensive with designs such as a minimal cross or words from famous Bible verses adorning her body. She also shares a BBF matching tattoo with Kendall Jenner and an initial of her husband, Justin Bieber’s name on her finger. While her designs are small, many of them hold deep meaning.

Temporary Ink Inspired By Hailey Bieber’s Small Tattoos

If you want to dapple with tattoo art but are not looking for a standout statement design then Hailey Bieber’s micro tattoos are an ideal choice. From delicate handwritten messages to simple fine-line outlines of hearts or stars, these designs offer timeless appeal. Here are a few Hailey Bieber-inspired designs to inspire you. 

Temporary Hailey Bieber Heart Tattoo

The heart outline is a classic design for a fine-line tattoo thanks to its simple elegance and timeless style. JonBoy was the artist behind Bieber’s heart outline collarbone ink back in 2018. Copy Bieber’s placement or wear this design on your wrist, behind your ear, or on the ankle. It is a great design to choose when you are starting a new relationship or want to mark a significant milestone with your partner. Hailey Bieber’s collarbone tattoo is a classic style that will look good on everybody.

Hailey Bieber's tattoos: Heart Outline Tattoo


A Tiny Bow: A Hailey Bieber Wrist Tattoo

At the end of 2023, Hailey Bieber enlisted the skills of Milena Wendlandt to create a dainty, feminine ribbon bow tattoo placed on her wrist. This ultra-feminine tiny design adds a coquette-ish touch to Bieber’s body art and is a direct nod to her days as a ballet dancer. But gone are the days of pretty in pink, this simple, all-black ink shows the world that bows are back but this time, they are all grown up. If you are keen to experiment with the balletcore trend, a temporary bow tattoo is an ideal place to start.

Hailey Bieber's tattoos: Fine line bow tattoo


New York Hailey Bieber Neck Tattoo

New York, New York, the famous lyrics of Frank Sinatra come to mind when glancing at Hailey Bieber’s New York ink. This tattoo appeared on her neck in 2023 and is the work of celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo. This single-needle, handwritten design is elegant, simple, and a timeless ode to the Big Apple. If you love New York as much as Hailey, this is a fun and creative way to show that you are a fan.

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: New York Handwriting tattoo


Temporary “Seek” Handwritten Tattoo

The Christian faith is an important part of Hailey’s life and she proudly displays this with her collection of religious ink. One such design is the handwritten word “Seek” inked by JonBoy on the back of her neck as a tribute to Hillsong Church in NY, her place of worship. The word is inspired by the Zephaniah 2:3 Bible verse “Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land, you who do what he commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the LORD’s anger”. If you want a visual reminder of your religious path, this temporary tattoo is a stylish way to enhance your connection with God.

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: Seek word tattoo


Hailey Bieber Finger Tattoo of a Broken Heart

We all want to celebrate our best friends and that is exactly what Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner did in 2015 when they got their broken heart BFF tattoos. Inked to represent a friendship necklace, this small, colorful tattoo is a cute way to represent the bond that you share. While both Jenner and Bieber placed their little tattoos on their left middle fingers, Bieber opted for red ink meanwhile Jenner chose white ink. 

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: Red broken heart locket tattoo


Mini-Chevron Temporary Tattoo

When it comes to Hailey Bieber’s tiny tattoos, the small chevron on her fingers may seem like a simple design but it is rich in meaning. Yet it is no ordinary fine-line tattoo, it is a Coachella souvenir that Hailey got when her favorite tattoo artist JonBoy was inking celebrities at the Revolve Influencer party back in April 2017. In some cultures, this symbol is used as quotation marks, in the days of the Vikings, it was a symbol of protection used on the battle shields and today, it is most commonly associated with military rankings. That being said, this cool, minimal design is a great idea if you want a geometric tattoo that blends in with other styles. 

Hailey Bieber's Tattoos: Black small chevron finger tattoos


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