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Little Bow Tattoos: 5 Ways to Wear This Temporary Tattoo Trend

There is one trend that has slowly been creeping into our social media feeds of late: ribbon bows. Whether tiny, supersized, or layered up, we are seeing everyone from celebrities to internet influencers adorning their looks, from head to toe, with all kinds of bow tattoos and accessories. Yet there is one way to wear them that has caught the eye of ex-bun heads like Hailey Bieber and that is in micro tattoo form. If you are considering getting a new tattoo or are looking to make your tattoo dreams an instant reality take note! These are the ways to incorporate bows into your body art.

Thinking of Getting Temporary, Micro Bow Tattoos? Discover the History of Bows

Bows have been adorning outfits since the Medieval times when men used them to fasten shirt sleeves. During the Renaissance men used bows as a decorative element, choosing to show their affections by placing a lock of hair, tied up with a ribbon, over their hearts. It wasn’t until the 18th century that women started incorporating ribbon bows into their looks. Thanks to the invention of the power loom, the mass production of ribbon meant that even the working classes could afford to embrace ornamentation. 

The Anatomy of a Trend: Bows for Tattoos

Fast forward to the Fall/Winter 2022 runways and bows had dusted off their prim and proper appearance, breaking away from traditional ballet attire. Carolina Herrera and Christian Cowen are two big names that helped push this trend into the limelight. A year later Simone Rocha followed the lead. By FW24, bows were everywhere. They even created a design aesthetic for designer Sandy Liang with many of her team tattooing mini bows as a homage to the brand’s success. Balletcore and Coquette are just two of the many, bow-heavy, sub-culture trends to quickly emerge and rise to fame thanks to the social media platform, TikTok. Along with this comes a nostalgic nod to childhood ballet classes and a renewed love for all things pink. All the above proves one thing: bows are back and bows are prompting us to explore our femininity in a refined and creative way.

Bow Tattoos: Tiny fine line bow tattoo


Where to Place a Mini Temporary Tattoo of a Bow

The beauty of little temporary tattoos is that their discreet designs can be worn practically everywhere on the body. Look to your favorite celebrities for guidance or embrace your creative influences and curate your ballet-inspired look. Not sure where to begin? Be inspired by these dainty bow tattoo placements.

Behind The Ear

Tie your hair in a ballet bun and show off this ultra-girly design with a timeless behind-the-ear placement. Allow the temporary tattoo to subtly peek out from behind the earlobe or cascade elegantly down the neck. This placement makes it easy to cover up your temporary ink when desired yet, when combined with select hairstyles it can be incorporated into your look. 


Hailey Bieber jumped on the ballet core bow tattoo trend with her micro black fine line tattoo on her hand. Using the hands as a place to display your temporary bow tattoos adds an element of poise and grace to any look. Yet, it is worth noting that any temporary ink placed in this area will wear quickly due to washing and exposure to the sun. 


Ballet flats are a core element of the balletcore trend and with this comes exposed ankles. Whether you are looking for a feminine ink to show off in ballet class or want to pay homage to this pretty trend, the ankle provides a small and discreet canvas for your temporary ink. 

The Bow Tattoo Meaning and Design Inspiration

Aside from being an aesthetic design, bow tattoos are steeped in meaning. Place this temporary tattoo on your body to symbolize love and femininity. Since ribbons are commonly used to wrap gifts, tattoo ribbon designs hint at the nurturing energy that women possess and each person’s gift to the world. Choose these feminine bow tattoos and have fun experimenting with temporary ink. 

1. Tiny, Temporary Cute Bow Tattoo

Tiny, sophisticated bow tattoos have been popping up on the Instagram feeds of celebrities and influencers alike. Hailey Bieber, known for her collection of micro tattoos, chose the side of her wrist as the placement for this delicate, eye-catching design. The microscopic size of this temporary ink offers the freedom to experiment with various placements, making it the ideal accessory for every occasion.

Bow tattoos: Single line bow tattoo


2. The Traditional Ballet Ribbon Bow Tattoos 

The ultra-girly temporary tattoo of the flowing ribbon ballet bow is one of the must-have designs of the moment. Whether you have mastered the art of arabesques or hold treasured memories of childhood dance classes, this design pays homage to the beauty of ballet. Placed on the nape of the neck, the forearm, or on your torso, this design celebrates femininity and elegance. Yet, the fine-line nature of this tattoo of a bow ribbon makes it discreet and timeless. Take your ballet core look to the next level with this delicate design.

Bow tattoos: Ballet bow tattoo


3. Temporary Dot Small Bow Tattoo

One of the most interesting bow tattoo trends to emerge is bows made entirely from little dots. The precision of dot-work mirrors the detailed steps of ballet creating minimalist, adorable bow tattoos that offer a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication. If you seek a subtle yet fashionable temporary ink to place behind the ear, or on the ankle, this design adds a touch of elegance to your look. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, inspired by of-the-moment styles, this design is the perfect choice. 

Bow tattoos: Dotted bow tattoo


4. Red, Temporary, Feminine Bow Tattoos

Another tattoo trend set to take social media by storm? Red tattoos. When considering experimenting with temporary bow tattoos, why not add some color to your body art? The color red is not just alluring and bold, it evokes feelings of passion, love, and femininity adding a deeper meaning to your bow tattoos. Showcase your individuality and style with this timeless ink. This is an ideal design to choose if deciding to get creative with temporary ink together with your best friend as it is a subtle nod to the red thread theory. 

Bow tattoos: red bow tattoo


5. Tiny, Temporary Ribbon Bow

Ribbons have been used to decorate gifts for as long as we can remember. Larger than the traditional ballet bows, these ribbon bow tattoos are a wonderful way to remind ourselves of our inner magic, our gift for sharing with the world. When life gets overwhelming and it makes it easy to feel lost, this temporary tattoo is a beautiful way to be reminded of our true value. Plus, the fine-line design ensures that wherever you place it, it will look stylish and timeless. 

Bow tattoos: Fine line ribbon tattoo


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