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Tiny, Temporary Red Tattoos For Your Hands And Wrists

Red tattoos: Tiny red rose tattoo

It is no secret that tiny tattoos have found their way into our hearts thanks to their adorable mini-size and their ability to be hidden easily when needed. But, there is a style of mini-tattoo that has caught the attention of trendsetters such as Kylie Jenner, creating a love-at-first-sight connection. Red tattoos, real or temporary, add a whole new dimension to body art. They are great starter tattoos since they are more feminine than traditional black ink, plus they add a unique element to your body art. If you are considering getting inked or are just keen to experiment with temporary tattoos, here are some red ink designs that must be on your radar. 

Why Choose Temporary Red Tattoos?

Red ink is nothing new. It dates back to ancient times when the Egyptians wore it to symbolize vitality, and the Ainu people of Japan wore it for protection and strength. If you are fascinated by ancestral, tribal tattoos, red ink is something to explore when choosing designs. However aside from the aesthetics, another important reason to play with temporary ink before opting for the real deal is to ensure that you are 100% confident in your choices. It is not the same having a design lasting 2 weeks or a lifetime. Real red ink is one of the hardest to remove with a laser, and not just that. It has a high toxic load due to the heavy metals used such as iron oxide which give it its vibrant crimson color. If convinced that red ink is for you, be sure to do your research first and enlist the services of an artist experienced in red tattoos.

Choosing a Red Tattoo For Your Wrist Or Hands

When it comes to tattoos, you have the entire body of placements to choose from. Yet there is something timeless and alluring about wrist tattoos or even ink for your hands. The wrist may be small but its flat, linear surface makes it a fantastic place for many designs. The outside sides of the wrist are the perfect place to showcase ink to the outside world. Meanwhile, the inside of the wrist provides a more intimate option for a personal temporary tattoo full of meaning. The hands also provide a wide range of placement options from the side of the hand, the fingers and even the palm. Since these areas are painful places to tattoo, experimenting with temporary ink first offers your the freedom to find the ideal design for you without the commitment. Just be aware that since these areas are exposed to sunlight and daily events like washing, a temporary design may fade more quickly when placed here.

15 Temporary Red Ink Tattoos To Fall In Love With Right Now

Whether you choose to mix and match or are keen to showcase one statement little temporary tattoo, here are 15 red temporary tattoos that will look adorable on your wrist, hands or anywhere you wish to place them.

1. Temporary Small Red Heart Tattoo

If you are looking for a cute red finger tattoo, this tiny heart, inspired by Cheryl Cole’s famous ink is an ideal choice. Known colloquially as a love heart, this design symbolizes passion, romance, and love. You may choose this design to represent a significant other or as a reminder to love yourself and never let your needs fall to the end of the list. 

Red tattoos: Tiny red heart tattoo

2. The Soma Snake Temporary Tattoo

Across the world, snakes represent good and evil with some cultures viewing them as symbols of divine feminine wisdom and fertility. These ancient creatures are an empowering motif and their curved figure makes them an ideal choice for the side of your hand or the outside of your wrist. While a fine line style has been used here, the design is an intricate representation, showing the serpent’s scales in great detail. The snake is accompanied by a small crescent moon, enhancing the feminine connection and highlighting the passing of time. A snake tattoo is an ideal choice for those going through a moment of personal development and change.


3. Small Red Heart Outline Temporary Tattoo

If you are looking for a subtle red heart tattoo, an outline of a heart adds a level of simplicity to the ink. Keep yourself grounded in love and life with this fine line design which shows you that love is eternal and that all roads lead back to the heart. Place this design on the flat of your wrist to be reminded of your love for yourself and zest for life.


Red Tattoos: Red ink heart outline tattoo

4. Temporary Small Red Cherry Tattoo 

Opt for a retro-style red tattoo with this fun and playful red cherries tattoo featuring two juicy red cherries hanging from their storks. This design stirs up a vintage nostalgia of bygone summertimes spent outdoors with friends and families. Showcase your cheeky side and remember to capture the essence and lightness of summer by placing this design on the flat of your wrist. 

Red tattoos: red cherries tattoo

5. Tiny, Temporary Red Rose Tattoo

The red rose: the national symbol of England, and the universal symbol of love. What could be a more feminine and graceful design for red tattoos than the rose. During the 1900s, sailors would tattoo a rose as a talisman of hope of returning back home to their wife or girlfriend. This delicate, fine-line interpretation is ideal for placing on your wrist either on the inside flat center or the lateral side.


Red tattoos: Red rose tattoo

6. Temporary Tiny Red Butterfly Tattoo

There is nothing more 90s revival than a red butterfly tattoo. Enjoy this throwback to your childhood and place this small ink where it can be seen with each glance. The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, and passion making it an ideal design to choose if you are going through personal change or are approaching a life milestone such as a big birthday, wedding, or becoming a mother.

Red tattoos: red butterfly tattoo

7. Red 777 Angel Number Tattoo

If you believe in angel numbers you will know that the combination 777 symbolizes luck, spirituality, intuition, and spiritual protection. If you are looking to manifest your dreams and bring about a positive change in your life, this number will be a reminder of the power of the universal energy working its magic around you. Traditionally the number 7 is considered to be lucky, so repeated three times it is even more so. Financially, the number 777 is a symbol that you win some and you lose some and that there is no gain without taking a risk. 


Red tattoos: 777 angel number tattoo

8. Temporary Broken Heart Tattoo 

Traditionally a symbol of betrayal and heartbreak, the broken heart is a clear sign of deception in love. Yet, this tiny fine line design showcases a whole heart with a zig-zag line down the middle, giving hope that although the heart may have broken, there is a chance that it can be whole again.


Red tattoos: Red broken heart tattoo

9. Red Temporary Chili Tattoo

Turn up the heat on your tattoos with this small, dainty, fine line chili pepper tattoo. As far as red tattoos go, this is a fun design to showcase your spicy side. In Native American cultures, the chili represents the four elements: earth, air, fire and water and is a treasured symbol of harmony and balance. 


Red tattoos: Red chili pepper tattoo

10. Temporary Red Ladybug Tattoos

Heading into an exam, job interview or a tricky situation? Make sure luck is on your side with a red ladybug tattoo. While red tattoos are pretty, they also have a deeper meaning and this design is no exception. Also known as ladybirds, this little insect is not only a symbol of good fortune but in some cultures it is associated with the fire element and seen as symbol of passion and positive energy. Place it on the finger, inside of your wrist or the side of your and and let good luck flow into your life. 

Red tattoos: Red ladybug tattoo

11. Red Fire Flame Temporary Tattoo

For those looking for playful, temporary, red tattoos this burning flame is just the ticket. It is not only a creative way to show off your feisty personality but it is also a fun design for fire zodiac signs such as Leo or Aries. Whether you are looking for an alternative to a traditional horoscope tattoo or just want to have fun with red ink, this design is a great choice. 

Red tattoos: Red fire flame tattoo


12. Temporary Red Anatomical Heart Tattoo

If you are tempted by red tattoos that are not only temporary but can double up as a mindfulness tattoo, then the red anatomical heart is the ideal choice. The intricate fine line design of this medical drawing reminds us of our own mortality and the need to cherish each individual heartbeat. Place this design where it can be easily seen such as on the flat of the wrist.  

Red tattoos: red fine line anatomical heart tattoo


13. Sa-nə-tē Temporary Red Tattoo

Phrases make wonderful tattoos, yet if you are after something a little different from the norm, this sa-nə-tē ink is the phonetic pronunciation of the word sanity. Kylie Jenner, famous for sporting a large collection of red tattoos has this exact design tattooed onto her upper thigh. So, if you are looking for celeb improved temporary ink to maintain your inner peace, place this design on your wrist and be reminded to take life one step at a time.

Red Tattoos: Kylie Jenner Sa na te tattoo


14. Temporary Ace of Hearts Tattoo

If change is afloat, celebrate this new beginning in life with a temporary Ace of Hearts tattoo placed daintily on your fingers or hands. This design can be used to mark the start of a new relationship, a birth, or a celebration of a long-awaited change. It is quite possibly one of the happiest designs to choose when considering red tattoos. It is also a great choice for fans of card games like Poker or Go Fish. 

Red Tattoos: Red ace of hearts tattoo

15. Morning Star Tattoo

The Morning Star is known to symbolize the moment the sun dapples the surface of the Earth signaling the break of dawn. The planet Venus is known as a Morning Star as you can see her light shining down on Earth during the early hours of the day. This design is not only extremely beautiful but it also reminds us that each day is a gift to be treasured and used wisely.

Red tattoos: Fine line red morning star tattoo


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