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Tiny Palm Tree Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Tiny Palm Tree Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Tiny Palm Tree Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

Tiny Palm Tree Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

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Set of three little minimalist palm tree temporary tattoos.

Palm tree temporary tattoos are a favorite among those who thrive in warm and sunny climates or love to visit exotic beach destinations. But did you know that the palm tree has a much deeper meaning? In Mediterranean countries, where these beautiful trees are prevalent, palm branches were used to celebrate victories and symbolize peace. Athletes and soldiers were given palm branches after a victory.

It is for this reason that Jesus’s followers greeted him with palm branches when he entered Jerusalem, and Christians now celebrate Palm Sunday with these symbols of peace and victory. In Egyptian religious belief, palm trees were thought to represent eternal life and were thus considered a sacred symbol.

Deeper meaning aside, this tiny palm tree temporary tattoo is a great choice for anyone who wants to express their love of sunny days by the beach. Thinking about getting a palm tree tattoo? This one comes in a set of three, so you can try out different placements before getting inked - or just share one with a friend.

All of the tattoos in our collection are made with eco-friendly materials. We have chosen soy-based inks and non-toxic adhesives and paired these with 100% recyclable paper and packaging. Our temporary tattoos are also completely-plastic free, making them ideal for individuals who are trying to avoid plastic in their lives.

Size: 0.2 in / 1 cm (height)


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  • Lasts 2-5 days on average
  • Place the tattoo on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean
  • Our FDA-compliant paper tattoos are unique because they are created using eco-friendly materials, including vegetable inks and non-toxic adhesives
  • Our products and the packaging they arrive in are 100% plastic-free and recyclable, ideal choice for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact
  • Our tattoos come in sets, so you can try out different placements or share with friends


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