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Taurus Zodiac Symbol Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Taurus Zodiac Symbol Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3
Taurus Zodiac Symbol Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

Taurus Zodiac Symbol Temporary Tattoo - Set of 3

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Set of three Taurus Zodiac symbol temporary tattoo. Taurus means 'the bull' in Latin, and the symbol represents the face and horns of a bull.

Taurus tattoos are often chosen by those who are born under this zodiac sign or by those who have a very special Taurus in their life. There are many different design options available, but if you prefer a simpler design, you’ll love our Taurus zodiac symbol temporary tattoo.

Also referred to as the Cretan Bull or Bull of Heaven, the Taurus symbol features a round circle with two curved protrusions, which is meant to represent the bull itself. The constellation of Taurus appears as a bull with horns, emerging from the heavens. This strong imagery has contributed to Taurean associations of strength, nobility, persistence, and stubbornness.

As a proud Taurean born between April 21 and May 21, you may enjoy the opportunity o showcase your star sign in a tattoo. Other people choose our Taurus adhesive tattoo to honor a special person in their lives, such as their partner, child, or parent.

Our Taurus symbol fake tattoo provides a classic, minimalist interpretation of this famous icon. This fake tattoo comes in a set of three, so it’s the best way to try before you buy. Its small size means it can fit well anywhere so you’ll want to try out a few placements before making a commitment.

Size: 0.4 in / 1 cm (height)


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  • Lasts 2-5 days on average
  • Place the tattoo on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean
  • Our FDA-compliant paper tattoos are unique because they are created using eco-friendly materials, including vegetable inks and non-toxic adhesives
  • Our products and the packaging they arrive in are 100% plastic-free and recyclable, ideal choice for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact
  • Our tattoos come in sets, so you can try out different placements or share with friends


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