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Little, Temporary Symbols of Faith Tattoos and Their Meanings

Religion, just like politics is a taboo topic that is best left out of general conversation. But, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be incorporated into your style. For many Christians, religion runs skin deep, and symbols of faith tattoos are a powerful way of sharing your beliefs with the rest of the world. If you are looking for a temporary, little meaningful tattoo that symbolizes your Christian faith in God, there are many iconic designs to choose from. Whether worn in a visual place such as the wrist or hidden discreetly on the body, there are a whole host of religious symbols that are powerful reminders of faith when times get tough. 

Understanding Symbols of Faith Tattoos

Symbols and icons transcend language barriers and communicate with our unconscious mind, provoking strong feelings within us. Religious iconography offers the opportunity to connect with ourselves and bring transformative beauty into our lives, all the while bringing us closer to God. Many symbols make great minimalist Christian tattoos. A small, fine-line cross looks stylish wherever it is placed, for example. 

Christian, religious symbolism dates back to ancient, Old Testament times with many symbols carrying rich historical significance. Aside from the cross or crucifix, the Ichthys fish, staurogram, or the Chi Rho symbol all date back to the early days of Christianity. Yet, there are more modern symbols associated with the church that are popular faith affirmations. 


Faith tattoos: Large cross tattoo

Discover the Deep Meaning of These Temporary, Unique Christian Tattoos

Whether you are a churchgoer or not, little temporary Christian tattoo symbols are a creative way to feel connected to your faith and the higher power of the holy spirit. With attitudes towards tattoos, especially religious tattoos becoming more relaxed, it is the perfect time to experiment with temporary designs. Be inspired by celebrities such as Katy Perry with her Jesus cursive wrist tattoo body art or Drew Barrymore and her crucifix ink and mix ‘n’ match these little temporary symbols of faith tattoos and express your faith with fine lines, text ,or religious icons. 

God Is Greater Than My Highs and Lows

Religious tattoos don’t have to take on a traditional art form. This “God is greater than my highs and lows” design is ideal for those wanting a constant reminder of their faith during tough times without resorting to the same four symbols commonly used in Christian minimalist tattoos. Place this little temporary ink on your forearm or your wrist and recite the phrase like a prayer or mantra to connect with your faith on your spiritual journey. 


Faith tattoos: God is Greater than my Highs and Lows tattoo

The “Creation of Adam” Two Touching Hands 

Art history lovers will obsess over this temporary ink. Those looking for creative symbols of faith tattoos will be inspired by this iconic image from Michelangelo’s fresco “The Creation of Adam” on the roof of the Sistine Chapel. The two hands touching symbolizes the moment that God imparts life to Adam, the first man and the origin of human life. If you want spiritual tattoos that showcase your religious belief and your search for higher wisdom, this is a beautiful option. Place it anywhere from your collarbone to your torso as a reminder of your connection with the divine.

Faith tattoos: Creation of Adam tattoo


Temporary, Little Cross With the Word “Faith” Tattoo

Sometimes a simple word is enough to conjure up a world of symbolsim. In this case, “Faith” holds a universal belief in something greater than ourselves. Yet, upon closer look at the F of Faith, you will see that it forms a cross shape, the central, powerful symbol of the Christian religion. Merging both designs showcases the inextricable nature of Christianity and faith. This visual declaration of spiritual beliefs offers hope and strength for those facing adversity. Place this beautiful design anywhere where you will be reminded to reconnect with your religious ideals such as your wrist, your hands, or your arms and feel a sense of inner peace.


Faith tattoos: fine line faith handwriting tattoo

Cross Temporary Tattoos

The image of the cross, or crucifix as it is known within Christianity symbolizes the special place where God sacrificed his son, Jesus Christ, to cleanse the world of its sins, offering salvation to those who believe. Choose this design as a way to strengthen your relationship with God and be reminded of your faith despite life’s distractions. Plus, the tiny temporary nature of our eco-friendly designs allows you to get playful with placements before committing to a real tattoo.

Tiny Minimalist Cross Temporary Tattoo

The dainty, fine-line design of this little temporary cross tattoo means it can be placed just about anywhere on your body. One of the most recognizable symbols of the Christian faith, the cross is a popular symbol of redemption and a reminder of God’s sacrifice for the salvation of mankind. Show your solidarity with fellow churchgoers and place this temporary Christian symbol tattoo anywhere from behind your ear to your ankle. Or, be inspired by Justin Bieber’s tiny cross tattoo design placed on the upper cheekbone. 


Faith tattoos: Fine line tiny cross tattoo

Temporary Salem Cross Tattoo

When looking for symbols of faith tattoos, the Salem cross offers an aesthetic alternative to the traditional crucifix. Its intriguing story dates back to when Saint Helena excavated a site thought to be the place where Jesus was crucified. Here she found a fragment of the True Cross (the original cross that Christ was nailed to). Inspired, she commissioned a craftsman to create a cross that contained this very fragment, and the Salem cross was born. Show your faith and commitment to Christian spiritual practices and decorate your body with this unusual design.

Faith tattoos: Salem cross tattoo


Small Religious Tattoos on Wrist and Hands

The hands and wrist are ideal places to experiment with temporary religious symbols tattoos as they allow you to catch a glimpse of your ink throughout your day-to-day. With a plethora of designs to choose from this placement invites you to get creative and play with new expressions of age-old symbols of faith in God.

Temporary Faith Fish Tattoo

Often referred to as the Ichthys fish, this symbol, popular among early Christians, represents Christ’s miracles. For example, the miraculous catch of fish (Luke 5:1-11) and the feeding of the multitude with fish and bread (John 6:1-14) are notable events in the New Testament relating to fish. Fish are also associated with water and baptism symbolizing renewal and eternal life through faith in God. Whether you are attending a baptism or simply want to express your faith this fine-line design is a popular tattoo choice that can be placed anywhere from your hands to your ankles. 

Faith tattos: Jesus fish tattoo


Rosary Finger Temporary Tattoo

Carry your rosary beads with you wherever you go with this tiny, ultra-feminine little temporary tattoo. Designed to neatly wrap around the top of your finger, each small bead represents a vital prayer between you and God. The rosary is also commonly associated with the Virgin Mary and the mysteries (events) of the life of Jesus and offers the wearer protection and strength. This is an ink that can be easily combined with other designs such as a minimal fine-line Christian cross tattoo or even a sacred heart tattoo. If you are exploring your faith or simply want to experiment with temporary ink before committing to the real deal, this popular choice offers a non-committal expression of faith.

Faith tattoos: Rosary fine line tattoo


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